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Institution:Copenhagen Business School/London School of Economics
Projekttitel:Deliberation, Performance and the Ethics of the Public Sphere - a comparative analysis of Facebook, YouTube, and Secondlife
Forventet sluttidspunkt:2010-05-31
Kort Præsentation:

My research project focuses on the capacity of the internet to facilitate or impede cosmopolitan ways of thinking and acting; in particular, the modes of engagement and deliberation fostered in four online spaces: Facebook, YouTube, and Second Life, exploring a continuum between sites that tend towards promoting public deliberation and sites that tend towards promoting personal self-expression.

This involves investigations into both the nature of social networking sites as public spaces as well as the dialectic relationship between technological and social affordances of these sites as users renegotiate the opportunities they afford for connectivity, cosmopolitanism and commercial success.

The assumption behind the comparison is that SNSs provide their own purposes and procedures for establishing certain communities of users, safeguarding certain values and orientations and privileging certain types of relationships and actions. In this light, the differences in terms of purpose and procedures in Facebook, YouTube, and Second Life render them key sites for re-thinking and reworking our understanding of narrative, spectatorship, and participatory culture.